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33rd Annual SoCal Norton Club Dam Ride

I don’t usually go on large group rides but ever so often I can’t help myself.  This year’s 33rd annual all brit Norton ride turned out to be quite a day.  95 or so odd miles through steep and windy California mountain side on an old Triumph is definitely a great way to spend a Sunday.  I quickly grouped up with some friends of the Brit Iron Rebels and broke off the pack of about 200 into about 20.  The ’69 T100c handled the corners beautifully although feeling the carburator cough a couple times coming out of a quick hanger was something I’d rather not deal with.  Not many shots of the ride itself as I was just too damn interested in myself but enjoy a couple shots from the meetup.

Not So Brit.. But ever so awesome

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  1. Can you spot the error? We can and we know its there… they’ll be worth more as misprints?

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